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What can I rent at Meublation?

Meublation is starting a new rental service. As a preliminary step, only air mattresses will be available for rental, but other appliances will soon be put in place if the preliminary step works. 

What can I rent at Meublation?

Meublation rental service is available every working day. If you want to rent a mattress during the weekend, you will have to rent it from Friday to Sunday evening or Monday!

Our service is not available during hollidays.

Any late returning will be charged.

How can I rent through Meublation?

  1. Fill the following form to book inflatable mattresses (at most 7 days and least 24 hours before the retrieving)
  2. Send an email to in order to inform us of your booking and to fix the appointment to retrieve the mattress(es)
  3. During the retrieving of the mattress(es), you will have to pay through Lydia the rental fees and the deposit, depending on the number and size of the mattresses you have reserved. 
  4. When you give the mattress(es) back, we will reimburse you the deposit

Be careful! We strongly advise you to use a sleeping bag or something to cover the mattress. If the latter is not given back clean, we will keep a part or all of your deposit. Also keep in mind that you will not be the first to use this mattress! 

PS: for legal reasons, we must warn you that these mattresses are not intended for accommodating additional people in gites or in your HEC rooms. We do not in any instance accept any liability for the use, which we hope to be informed, that you make of these mattresses.

How much does the rental cost?

We will charge for this service as follows: 

  • For a single bed: €2 for the first night, then €1 per additional night, with a €15 deposit 
  • For a duo bed: €3 for the first night, then €2 per additional night, with a €25 deposit
  • the pump will not be charged but will require a €10 deposit

You can of course book several inflatable mattresses!

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Find us on campus at the containers near the B1 building

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