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Meublation is a student-run and non-profit platform that enables HEC Paris students to buy, sell, store and donate furniture. Our goal is to reduce the furniture waste on campus by ensuring that every piece of furniture is reused optimally. 

In 2021, Meublation became a branch of Esp’R, the green association of HEC Paris.

New Open Days for the beginning of the year!

Meublation is holding OPEN DAYS to facilitate your departure or your arrival on campus. They occur at the beginning and at the end of each semester to help you buy, store, sell or donate stuff. Find further information on the "Store" and "Buy" pages.

Buy stuff :
Saturday 26th August, 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm
Sunday 27th August, 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm
Sunday 3rd September, 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm

Monday 11th September, 1pm-5pm

Retrieve your belongings :
Wednesday 30th August, 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm

Saturday 2nd September, 9am-12am and 2pm-5pm

You can drop the items you want to store on :

Tuesday 23th May, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Friday 26th May, from 2pm to 5pm

Sunday 28th May, from 9am to 12am

Tuesday 30th May, from 3pm to 6pm

To do so, fill a form with your item info. Find further information on the “Store” page.

NEW !!

This year, Meublation starts a new collaboration with International Society

This year, Meublation will dedicate slots to international students, in collaboration with IS. The link to book the slots will be shared by IS on social media!

How does Meublation work?

Creating a circular Economy for Furniture

Some numbers

Our achievements

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CO2 tons saved
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reduction in furniture waste in the 1st year
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items stored in 2022
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items reused in 2022
Good For The Planet

Meublation first goal is waste reduction by trading second-hand furniture

Good For the Pocket

Second-hand furniture allows both the seller and the buyer to spare money

Secure Payments

Thanks to our experience, we are a serious project fully supported by HEC Paris

On-Campus Store

No need to travel miles to buy furniture, our store is available on the campus

Contact Us

Find us on campus at the containers near the B1 building

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