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HEC Meublation Desk

What can I sell at Meublation?

We accept most popular items people need to furnish their room. This includes: 

  • Furniture: chairs, coffee tables, dresser, drying racks, etc
  • Kitchen: microwave/ovens, hot plates, cooking utensils, etc

HEC residence service is currently installing fridges in EVERY HEC ROOM. Therefore, we will no longer accept fridges for sale. If your room has not been equipped yet, and you bought a fridge, please contact the residence service, they might offer you to buy it to install it permanently in your current room.

We reserve the right to refuse your stuff, if it is too damaged or peculiar. We also refuse dishes, but you will be able to donate them, we will then give them to Les Ressourceurs, a charity organization where everyone can buy at a lower price.
A box will also be put in place where you will be able to drop off your unopened and non-perishable food.

How can I sell with Meublation?

  • Register your items for sale here (one form per item)
  • The next Open Days where you will be able to sell will take place on Wednesday 20th (1pm-4pm), Thurdsay 21st (9am-12am, 3pm-5pm) and Friday 22nd (9am-12am) of December. 
  • We will share a link in december to book a slot on Calendly.
  • Pack your items neatly so they can easily be stored, especially small items. 
  • Drop-off your stuff at our store behind the B1 building during opening hours. 
  • We make our best effort to sell your items to incoming students. 
  • Receive payment once an item has been sold
  • Be sure you have a Revolut account to recieve the payment.  

How will Meublation sell my stuff to incoming students?

We’re deeply committed to helping create a circular economy on campus. So we’ll do our very best to find a buyer for your stuff. Practically speaking, this means we’ll:

  • Advertise items for sale on our website. 
  • Organise big sales at the beginning of each semester for newly arrived students. 

How will I get paid? How much does Meublation charge for its service?

Once your item has been sold, the buyer will pay you directly via Revolut (this means that you must have a Revolut account to receive the payment), minus a 10% commission fee that we charge for our services.

Although Meublation is a not-for-profit project, we take a commission to generate revenues that can cover the cost of our operations and help us expand our storage capacities.

For how long will Meublation store my stuff before it gets sold?

Meublation accepts items for sale for a maximum duration of one year. If after that period of time no one has bought your item(s), this might suggest that it’s not really sought-after. Therefore, after one year, we reserve the right to unilaterally discount your item(s), and even donate it to one of our partner NGOs.

Where can I drop the stuff I want to sell?

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Find us on campus at the containers near the B1 building

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