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HEC Meublation Desk

What can I sell at Meublation?

We accept most popular items people need to furnish their room. This includes: 

  • Furniture: chairs, coffee tables, dresser, drying racks, etc
  • Kitchen: refrigerators, microwave/ovens, hot plates, cooking utensils, etc

For a complete list of what you can sell through Meublation, please click here

How can I sell with Meublation?

  • Register your items for sale here (one form per item)
  • If we are outside the Open Days period, please send us an e-mail at
  • Pack your items neatly so they can easily be stored, especially small items. 
  • Drop-off your stuff at our store behind B1 building during opening hours. 
  • We make our best effort to sell your items to incoming students. 
  • Receive payment once an item has been sold. 

How will Meublation sell my stuff to incoming students?

We’re deeply committed to helping create a circular economy on campus. So we’ll do our very best to find a buyer for your stuff. Practically speaking, this means we’ll:

  • Advertise items for sale on our social media and website. 
  • Organise big sales at the beginning of each semester for newly arrived students. 
  • Open our store every week to prospective buyers. 

How will I get paid? How much does Meublation charge for its service?

Once we have received the money from a buyer, we’ll transfer it to you minus a 10% commission fee via PayPal or Lydia (given our cash flow, this operation can take several months)

Although Meublation is a not-for-profit project, we take a commission to generate revenues that can cover the cost of our operations. 

For how long will Meublation store my stuff before it gets sold?

Meublation accepts items for sale for a maximum duration of one year. If after that period of time no one has bought your item(s), this might suggest that it’s not really sought-after. Therefore, after one year, we reserve the right to unilaterally discount your item(s), and even donate it to one of our partner NGOs.

Where can I drop the stuff I want to sell?

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Find us on campus at the containers near the B1 building

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