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What can I store at Meublation?

Meublation accepts almost all items for storage: boxes, luggages, bags, appliances etc. All types of room essentials that have been packed neatly are welcomed. Small items, such as cooking utensils, must be packed together and put in a box or bag. Very large items, such as sofas, will not be accepted. We suggest that you put everything inside packaging boxes that can simply be stacked on top of each other without causing any damage to their contents.

How can I store with Meublation?

  • Register for storage here !
  • If we are outside the Open Days period, send us an e-mail at association.meublation@hec.edu
  • Our team will get in touch as soon as possible and book an appointment with you so you can drop-off your belongings.
  • Pack your stuff as neatly as possible. Keep in mind that small items regrouped in one box will count as one item.
  • Keep in mind that you have to install Lydia or Paypal on your phone with your bank account linked (cash is not accepted)
  • Bring your stuff to our storage space (B1 building).
  • We will label your belongings while you pay the storage charges.
  • And you’re done !
 Disclaimer : We are usually not available during summer

How can I retrieve my belongings?

During the Open Days period (beginning of each semester) : 
  • UPDATE : on Sundday August 14th 2022 at 6pm (French time) , we will release here on our website and on our website ONLY the link to book a slot for the Open Days
  • https://calendly.com/meublation/open-days-storing
  • As of today, the Open Days will occur on the 29th August and the 4th May
  • You will be able to come at our storage space at the agree time
Outside Open Days :
 Disclaimer : We are usually not available during summer

How much will Meublation charge for storage?

Here are the following prices for storage : 

  • 2€/month for a small item
  • 4€/month for a large item 

Cash is not accepted! You will have to use Lydia or Paypal, so please create an account before.

Where can I find your storage space?

Contact Us

Find us on campus at the containers near the B1 building

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